Reset Mezzo Router to Factory Default

There may be times where it is necessary to reset the Mezzo router to its default setting. This process is useful if your home Wifi has gone offline or failed and needs to be replaced.

In these situations, Mezzo will be hunting for your Wifi and unable to find it. If this happens, Mezzo will reboot its own wifi a few times just to make sure itself isn’t in error. This can make controlling Mezzo difficult when this is happening. You can prevent it by resetting the Mezzo router settings to default:

  1. Ensure the Mezzo is booted an in normal run mode.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 3-4 seconds
  3. Release the reset button. Mezzo will say “Defaulting Router”
  4. Immediately press and release the reset button again. Mezzo will say “On”
  5. Wait 3 minutes while the Mezzo router defaults.

When the Mezzo router is in default mode. It operates as an Access Point and can be hardwired via ethernet cable to an internet connection.

Here is a video of the process:

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