Ness Mezzo Firmware Upgrade v00.05.00

You have been directed here because your Ness Mezzo needs to be upgraded to our new firmware platform.

All Ness Mezzo users must complete the steps below in their entirety to continue using their Mezzo hardware, if you are unable to, please organize to return your hardware.

Do not perform this procedure if you are using a Smartlink Guardian Mezzo or the
Smartlink Mezzo app. This upgrade applies to Ness Mezzo only.

Over the past 5 year period we have released many functionality and stability updates for the Mezzo hardware firmware and Mezzo apps whilst maintaining a minimal functionality impact by not requiring any data wipes.

Unfortunately it has now become necessary for us to make a large change to the storage system inside your Mezzo hardware. This will mean that your Mezzo memory will be wiped and you will need to set your Mezzo up again as a new device. Due to the nature of the upgrade, it is impossible to restore from a backup of your Mezzo data as the backups are also incompatible.

This is a mandatory procedure for all Ness Mezzo’s currently in use as it will not function properly with future app releases. The entire process of resetting/upgrading/setup will generally only take 10-20 mins. Allow 10mins to 2 hours depending on the size and complexity of your Mezzo set up.

If you get stuck, do not forget to check out our other How to Guides or report bugs:

Please follow the steps below in order

1. Pre-Exclude any Zwave devices you have learned in to your Mezzo

This will help when it comes time to learn your Zwave devices back into Mezzo after the Mezzo is wiped.

1.1 In the Mezzo app go to “My Devices”

1.2 Press on the Icon of your Zwave device

1.3 Choose “Edit Device”

1.4 Choose “Remove Device”

1.5 Follow prompts to exclude the device by pressing the action button on your Zwave device

1.6 Repeat process for all Zwave devices.

2. Reset your Mezzo to factory defaults and remove its entry from the Ness Mezzo Cloud:

2.1 Ensure you are running the latest version of the Mezzo app from your App store. If not, this will cause errors. Ensure you are connected to the Mezzo via a local connection (Left hand connection bar is green)

2.2 Swipe in the left “Hamburger” menu of the Mezzo app

2.3 Choose “Mezzo”

2.4 Choose “Reset”

2.5 Choose “Reset All” Follow prompts and wait for Mezzo to reboot itself.
Note: If you receive an error at this point, you possibly did not check that you have an updated app. Please contact support to have your account manually wiped.
Do not proceed until your Mezzo account has been confirmed to be wiped.

3. Manually upgrade your Mezzo to firmware v00.05.00 or higher.

To complete the firmware upgrade you will need;

  • Computer
  • Phillips Head Screw driver
  • Paper clip
  • USB Micro Cable
  • Mezzo battery key
  • The correct Mezzo firmware file

You’ll need a screw driver to remove the back panel and a paper clip to push the reset button:

3.1 Download the latest Mezzo firmware from here (If you are a US based tester, please reach out to support for a different file.)

3.2 Disconnect the Mezzo from power and turn off the battery using the keyswitch

3.3 Plug USB Micro cable in to your PC

3.4 Use a paperclip to hold in the reset button and whilst holding it in, connect a USB Micro Cable to the Mezzo:

3.5 Remove the paperclip, and a new hard drive will appear on your computer labelled MEZZO-BOOT:

3.6 Drag or Copy/Paste the Firmware file from your computer to the MEZZO-BOOT Drive

3.7 If the update is Successful the Drive will disappear and re-appear as follows:

3.8 Disconnect your Mezzo from the computer

3.9 Plug your Mezzo back into the mains and turn on the battery to start it up again.

Your Mezzo will now chime and explain that is defaulting itself again. This will take approx 5 mins. After this you can now begin to set up your Mezzo again.

4. Setup your “new” Mezzo

4.1 Swipe in the left “Hamburger” menu of the Mezzo app

4.2 Choose “Mezzo List”

4.3 Click on the “Plus Sign” to add a new Mezzo to your cloud account

4.4 Follow prompts to scan Mezzo QR and set up its connection.

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