Control your Mezzo with Google Home

Once you’ve set up your Google Home to link to Mezzo (if you haven’t already done so, follow the steps in this post), here are some phrases you can use:

“OK Google”

  • Turn <Device> On/Off
    eg. “Turn Kettle On” or “Turn Kitchen on”

  • Dim your Lights
    Set <Device> to <Brightness>%
    eg. “Set my Bedside lamp to 50%” or “Set my kitchen lights to 80%”

  • Change Lights Colours
    Set <Device> to <Colour> Click to see what colours Google Understands
    eg. “Set my LED Strip to Red” or “Set my RGB Bulb to Pink”

  • Activate a Scene
    Activate <Scene Name>
    eg. “Activate Party Mode” or “Activate Movie Mode”

  • Trigger an Alarm
    Turn On <Alarm Type> (Medical, Smoke, Panic, Duress)
    eg. “Turn On Smoke Alarm” or “Turn on Panic Alarm”

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