Setting up Google Home (during test phase)

Before completing these steps, you must supply your Google Home Gmail account to be added as a tester.

Set up test account (During test phase):

  1. On a PC, Open Google Chrome
  2. Open an Incognito Window by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N
  3. Go to this link inside the Incognito Window:
  4. Sign in to the Gmail account that you provided to Kieran.
  5. If you are redirected to a welcome page, go to the address above again.
  6. Click on Start Testing inside the Simulator Page, choose the latest version available.
  7. Close Chrome and wait 60 seconds

Link Mezzo to Google Home:

  1. Open Google Home App  
  2. Click on the + Button in the top left hand corner
  3. Under Add to home, click on Set Up Device
  4. Under Works with Google, click on Have something already set up?
  5. Near the top of the List will be an option for [test] Mezzo , Click on it (If you don’t see it, wait 60 seconds and refresh this page or you are using a different account on Google Home to what you supplied me)
  6. Follow steps to link your Google Home to your Mezzo Account, You will need the email you signed up to the Mezzo service with and the password that you set during the Wizard
  7. Linking should proceed.
  8. Once linking is completed, you can trigger devices natively. “Hey Google Turn on Lights” “Hey Google Trigger Scene….”. Here is a list of currently used phrases you can try.

Please note any errors you receive. If you make changes on your Mezzo add new devices, Press the “setup voice control” button inside the cloud menu of the Mezzo app then ask Google to “Sync my Devices”

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